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(Dedicated to all rape victims)


He was there standing before me

In my hand was an apple and cup of tea

He took those from me and edge a little close

I smiled and took it as a friendly dose

But then he took my hands in his

And forced me into a heartless kiss

Shocked and startled I pulled away

Only to realize I was trapped in everyway

He stepped closer, murder in his eyes

I tried to escape in spite of useless tries

But I was his prey, bound to be caught

Even then for my modesty I fought

He touched me and held me hard and wrong

I tried to scream loud and long

For someone to help and someone to come

But he covered my mouth to keep me mum

Where he touched I felt myself burn with fire

But even then he did not tire

He ripped and wrecked and hurt my soul

Eager to achieve his evil goal

At last he got up and gave a grin

He kicked my body escatic on his win

And I lay there low a while after he went

Not crying, not speaking not knowing what this meant

Is this the punishment for being a female?

Are we so low to shrink before a male?

Was there no respect for us at all?

Was there no one to help me after this fall?

All my happiness and pride, was it all gone?

Or would I be able to forget and move on?

Those horrible images still etched in my mind

Yet the answers to these questions I wanted to find

And prove to myself and others suffering this way

That a rapist could never escape and get away...


Guide that inspired this poem: 



Through this writing, I want to spread the message that give respect first, you will be automatically respected by all.



Respect all, all will respect you

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