Do you remember me?
The one who calls you daddy?
I used to smile
like you'd say
as bright as the stars

I'm sorry if its unrecognizable now
Pain can really change you

The laughing
The Screaming
The times I felt loved

When you used to tell me
I'm not gonna let you go
i promise you won't fall
I believed you
How foolish of me

I remember you

Bright eyes that hid lies
A smile that sweetened harsh words
But do you remember me

Do you remember you're my father
That i am your daughter
Do you remember that I still need you
To comfort me and make me laugh
To embarrass me at school
To chase away the guys

I remember
But it's like something has taken away
The joy in you and threatens to do the same to me

And so you left me
Alone. Sad. Upset.
I fought for you
You ignored me
I cried for you
You walked away from me

A question that remains unanswered
why you left my mom for her
I'll never understand
Why your stepdaughter is more important
than blood
I'll never know

Why you lied
i wish i knew
I wish that i could be better
For you
For me
So that maybe
It'll ease the pain of the misery


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