we all start by hitting the ground

and we open our eyes

some hit the ground running

some stumble and tumble

some walk, some fall

if you make it further, you can gain speed

rushing and racing

faster and faster

breaking the sound barrier 

as you take off

shouting out to the world

your fifteen minutes of fame

soaring higher and higher

until  you  level   out

          just    for  a   minute, you glide   in   peace                   

                                         and       then           it                   starts.        

                       sli p  p i n g     l o  w  e r     

      the clouds are thick

you don't know where you're landing

           don't know when 

some hope for a spectacular landing

one that all will see and stare at in wonder

  most just hope the landing is safe

you start to pass those around you

they've been flying their whole lives too

you wave to them as you pass

   you close your eyes and brace yourself

and you hit the ground running

and you open your eyes




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