Red Lip Baby

Cloaked in black folds and topped with wild curly hair; she is the Red Lip Baby

Glasses hanging off her nose and caramel skin glowing; she is the Red Lip Baby

Boots on the ground, flirty skirts flowing in the breeze; she is the Red Lip Baby

Shiny earrings and dangling braclets, eyes full of light; she can distract them with the Red Lip Baby

A curious accent and overbearing laugh, hearty tones matched with genuine concern; she becomes the Red Lip Baby

Friends fooled, teachers too; peers know nothing but the Red Lip Baby

Long school days full of studying and dedication; she retires home as the Red Lip Baby


Sweat beads dripping from a laborious day of living as her father's son; she is still the Red Lip Baby

Armed with a mother's intuition and a sister's embrace; she cares for the children as the Red Lip Baby

Racing to keep young tears and sore hearts at bay, she holds complaints; the Red Lip Baby has no time for defeat

Exhausted but far from finished she pushes on as the Red Lip Baby

Faced with a malicious New-mother and overpowered by a submissive New-father, the breaking point is close for the Red Lip Baby

Stuck in the idea that nowehere and no one is safe, she retreats to her journal, spilling tears held back by the Red Lip Baby


Face full of apathy, wrists healing with time, a mind exploding in thoughts; she is the Red Lip Baby

Too pretty to frown, too ugly to smile; she's slipping from the Red Lip Baby

Sprawled on the floor in a sea of thought and an ocean of tears, she's loosing the Red Lip Baby

Composure lost, livid inside her own mind, the Red Lip Baby is dead

The mask is gone, the act is played out, there's no one left to watch the show.

She sits quietly in her corner, praying to the moon, hoping someone on the other side of it hears her 4 A.M. sobs and her every day fear.

She releases her demons and sends them through the windows by candle light, never blowing them out but letting them melt on themselves.

One last sigh before the night is up and the sun rises, she lays her head on the ragged pillows and thinks, "Tomorrow I shall be the Red Lip Baby."




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