Follow me

Through this dance of conformity

Copy my movements

Add them to your list of improvements

Your sickness cannot frighten me away

Acceptance is child’s play

I’ll give you the antidote

In exchange for a slit in my throat

And look: my blood runs thick

As it pours slowly from my lovely slit

You could do the same

If you’d be brave enough to maim

Me- and hold me still

In order to provoke this thrill

That I desire

From my lovely little liar

And you can push and shove and throw me

Just as long as you aren’t afraid to hurt me

Watch me in envy

While all my friends become your enemy

Because you’ve become paranoid

That I will abandon you and toss you into the void

But just watch

As I take it up another notch

With this peach

While I remind you of your promise’s breach

I bite into its soft flesh

And the juice runs down my face- making a mess

Don’t you worry

I’m in no hurry

I’ll lick it off

Once I determine that you’ve been through enough

But I’m hoping this slow torture will inspire you

And by the end I’ll be slew

Because no one can handle that much pressure

Between my peach and your falsehood’s refresher

With your despondency, I’ll rise

But only in expectation of my own demise

I’m not fragile

Don’t treat me like a child

In the end I know it’s a game

We both know I’m really tame

But don’t let that stop you

Go ahead, make me new


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