Rap Is My Boyfriend

Fri, 05/30/2014 - 12:57 -- TyraP23

Rap is My Boyfriend

I’ve gotten into a relationship with the wrong type of guy

Because when I was dating R&B or pop, my self-esteem was so high

R&B’s words were so soft and sentimental

Pop made me move and feel experimental

But my new boyfriend is a bad boy, and I think that’s what attracted me

I had the chance to be rebellious, even though it frightened me

According to him, I’m supposed to be ass, breast and hips

And according to him, I’m supposed to do tricks with my lips

He says I’m supposed to have hair down to my thigh backs, and tattoos for days

And that I’m supposed to easily give it up for him and except his misogynist ways

He says girls like me are expected to fall for the bottle poppers, club hoppers, and dollar droppers

Shake a little here and there, and be titled a show stopper

He assumes that my name is “bitch” and that my nickname is “hoe”

The rhythm in which he presents his words makes it hard to let go

I’ve been stomped on with his lyrics and punched by his bars

I’ve been set on fire by his words, and bribed by his cars

My brother follows his footsteps because he thinks he is cool

My brother wants to be a thug now, so he dropped out of school­­

I’ve never been the type to encourage domestic violence

But I’m doing just that with my submission and compliance

My girls tell me it’s cool, but they have been brainwashed too

Their boyfriends are doing exactly what I’ve seen mine do.

It hurts because he makes all of these rumors and accusations

I’m not even half of the names that he calls me in mid conversation

I stand tall as a woman and tend to speak out

Just by giving in to his words, I’m one less feminist to worry about

I’m taking my voice back, and keeping on my clothes

I’m taking back the word “bitch” so that it can be disposed

I’m packing up my morals and I’m leaving a note

Just like his words hit hard, this is what I wrote:

“I just want to tell you that it’s over and that this is the end

Because it’s way too hard to be a woman when Rap is my boyfriend…”


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