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Just breathe. Remind myself people always leave. This time I have two heartbeats and one is in pain. The other is wrapped in chains. Just to keep it from being opened. Too pure to end up broken. 
When I start to die, I look to the sky I’m shaking and crying and I don’t know why And that’s the worst part Because how can I explain what i don’t even know  
What’s in an attraction? Sure the structure of your face Can be aesthetically pleasing But that doesn’t make me want to fuck you
Labels. They can make you feel like you’re soaring above the clouds, Surrounded by birds of feather, whom together they flock, The breeze whisking through your plumage,
  Welcome Welcome, a feeling I can never have in my own home Welcome A word, meaningless to me because people toss it around with abandon, Then render it useless, less than great Akwaaba
My eyes translate images into a new language outside the two edges of the globe. The striped shirt hanging loosely on a rack In the middle of a crowded Marshall's Has not the label of male or female.
when you were little, did you ever play hide and seek? there’s always one kid who hides in the closetif it was you, you know whythe closet’s warm and dark and quiet and as long as you stay silent, no one can tell you’re there
teach me something I can usegive me something to keep me whole teach me that I'm not brokenfor feeling things that've been felt by thousands before meand around me
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