A Ramble of Inner Thoughts


Feeling like a loser
My neighbor is a boozer
Been used alot of times
I feel like a user
People spittin out my name like they know it
Crossing the line to the end then it's over
I knew I stood out since I was an infant
So why you criticize cause im so different?
Popping and pissing, eat your meal at night
Pop a gun at the end of a fight
Crime time, the government doesn't pay a dime
Do anything to shut you up and put you in line
I had a dream that the world would get better
Happily ever, definitely.never
You better believe it, I woke up screaming
Crawled from the top of my bed, my life is peeling
You need to receive it
Don't play or joke,
Swallow your pride, try not to choke
The wind will blow and the earth will shake,
But these rambling thoughts in my head will never break

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