Queer and Angry

Sun, 05/11/2014 - 15:37 -- Congag


1551 High Street Eugene,
United States
42° 12' 10.2168" N, 71° 14' 39.5592" W

Life's a trip when you're queer, 
But the road needs re-paving,
Not a dull moment here,
society's ranting and raving.
"All fags go to hell!"
"OMG let's go shopping!"
Oh my soul I would sell, 
If this shit would be stopping.
Yes my nails look pristine,
but get your hands off of me.
Don't like when I'm mean?
Well get used to it honey.
This queen has had enough
of tokenization and hate.
Life has made me rough
and I will no longer tolerate
your oppressive behaviors.
I'm serving up tea,
and the truth is the flavor.
Oh you think that I'm so "sassy"?
That my femininity is a gas?
Don't you know that's not classy
and that you look like an ass?
Do not tread on me,
because this snake bites.
I can't help being angry
while I'm denied civil rights. 


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