The Puzzle Complete

A separated picture
A depressed father
A confused mother
An unphased older brother
An innocent little brother
And me, trying to hold everyone together
Fighting the words and paperwork while holding back tears
Watching the rings of promise and love disappear from fingers
Trying to keep everyone happy
Packed my pieces for college
Watched a friend fall apart over love
She cried
Cut slits
Took too many pills
Saw her future no longer there
Watched him move on
She turned into someone else
Fell apart
And me, trying to hold her together
I began to fall apart
Pieces of me were everywhere
Not where they should be
I had no more to give
Love became hard for me
I packed away the pieces
Lost a few
Sheltered, hidden, and not shared
Just a box of jumbled pieces
I sparked a man's interest
He let me pace my trust and feelings
Matched a piece here and there
Found the lost ones
No rush
Piece by piece, I began to show
I saw trust in love again
Saw the beautiful picture I could be
Holding those I love together became easy again
They became happy again
And me, the last puzzle piece, found my place 


This poem is about: 
My family


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