push came to shove...

This is what it feels like to be hurt.

To have the breath knocked out of you,

Whith a word or two you killed me

And as I sit here typing I realize

You broke me.

I realize you took from me.

I know I'm not perfect

but that's what you're looking for

I realize that we were not together

Yet Ifeel betrayed. 

I feel disgusted 

because no matter what I do

or what I say

or who you think you are

You always do the same thing to me.

You'll always leave me for better. 

Because I'm not worth it.

I'm not worth fighting for.

But you made me feel like I was.

Now I will fight for me.

I will make myself the better option 

and not let you chose me

I want you to know what it feels like to have me

and watch me slip from your finger tips

like silly putty in a kids hand

you will watch in pain as i hurt you

much like you hurt me. 

I plan on making you cry 

like you did me.

PSA: babe don't fall for me 

I'm looking forward to hurting you

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