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you think you can play with my heart boy i’m not a fucking harp. you think u can treat me like shit sexualize me just to submit. i’m not a part of your little game, your big charade
I keep thinking that someone needs to pay What can i do to make that happen I know i never will do a thing because of my nature Yet the fact they never saw my true pain frustrates me to no end I wish i punched you
This is what it feels like to be hurt. To have the breath knocked out of you, Whith a word or two you killed me And as I sit here typing I realize You broke me. I realize you took from me.
Bee Beep Bop Buttons and keys Pop Sounds Don’t Stop Like or Not Walk little or Lot The ears you got Show the sounds don’t stop   Each tells another story
Confrontations in every conversation
The laugh trickled inside me. A smirk crossed my face. Serves him right for acting the fool. Now is the time his dues are paid. As I gingerly slithered through the hall, He glanced at me from the right.
One, two, three Step on me four, five, six Grab some sticks seven, eight, nine Now you're mine ten, eleven, twelve See you all in hell.
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