Let's turn the page

I have a story to tell

About being on stage

And how I fell

I'm attached to strings

Yet I want to be free

Everyone else sings

While I wish to be me

I'm tumbling down the stairs

And eyes watch me bleed

I feel the tears

But I need to succeed

So I swallow the growing ache

And get up again

Discarding the proper brake

Everything begins to be in vain

I continue to be lead

Across the murky stage

I wish to be freed

Then be trapped in this cage

I believe everything will be okay

For I'll survive this game

So I continue my display

Blind to my claim

I let the wound fester

Unaware, as I slowly fade

I don't bestir

And claim to be unafraid

For I believe to see

Yet my sight is obscured

So I continue to pay the fee

While feeling assured

That I'll make it end

I continue to be mislead

With hopes to ascend

Not paying much heed

Until I'm startled awake

By my own screams

And I see the fake

No longer clouded by dreams

I'm attached to strings

I'm not free

I have clipped wings

And I'm not me

Let's turn the page

I have a story to tell

About being in a cage

And how I heard the bell 


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