Your organ comes out and starts to play
“I think you’d rather be dead” They say.
But I think I’ll save that for another day.
I don’t know what to think
I’m so tired
“No sleeping.”
Sometimes its just screaming
Sometimes its just words
Sometimes its like a person yearning to be heard
But all the time its annoying
Yes the voices are a annoying
No they don’t stop
Yes I have tried plugging my ears
That's how I know they’re in my head and not the dead
They might be the dead
They tell me they are
What else can I do but believe them
“Go home”
I’m trying
“Go to bed”
I’m trying
“Get my voice out of your head”
I’m trying!
“Why are you talking to yourself, don’t you know you sound crazy?”
See they’re making fun of me
I hope they’re almost done with me
Its been years since I slept the night
They’re constantly talking
Constantly walking in the hallways of my head
Always wanting something.
“You should cry.”
I’m trying
“When they ask you should lie.”
I’m trying
“When they leave you should die”
I’m trying
Don’t you see I’m trying so hard to sleep to breath to eat to not lay down and never ever get up again
Why don’t you leave me be
Why can’t you see
No quiet is killing me

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