Proximal Distance

Knees in three inches of proximity yet you're still not close to me
We speak but it's as if I can't hear your words
Because the emotion is drained out of them and suppressed under that organ in your chest
Afraid because the past was allowed to have free reign with your future
Self Doubt clouds your thought process and entangles that unspoken past with your present
Trying to snatch your sound from the chords for your words through clenched teeth

The audacious nature of my own inquisition
I tell you to speak but neither of us choose to listen
Together yet alone, you have left me before I got a chance to meet you
So close to being a lost cause, the how wax burns my hand
As I uphold this candle with efforts to unite us with enlightenment
Mutual agreeance with perspiring hands that lose promises

I guess our hands were never the right fit, nor shade or hue
It seems to amuse you
The separation that lurked behind the facade
Applause for the Most High
I didn't know that when I said hello
That you had already said your goodbye.

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I hope all my fellow poets enjoy this !

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