Life is funny at times we have our ups and we have our down 
There is so much to be said and done yet nothing comes out 
We grow to adore and love someone, then we find out that it’s not reciprocated 
They only care for us, and it’s not the way we want 

We gain so much knowledge from how someone presents themselves 
Yet loosing that person is not affordable 
We try to invest our emotions and time into something that will never be 
Later on, we realized that it was all a lie 

We realized that people are full of shit 
We realized that people will always let us down 
We realized that people are not what they seem to be 
We realized that we can only count on ourselves and no one else 

This why we keep everything inside 
We try to protect what’s most precious to us 
Our heart before it’s too late 
Then we find out it's too late 

We have fallen too deep 
We lost track 
We lost focus 
On what? 
On protecting our heart!

This poem is about: 
Our world


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