Proclamation Not Manipulation


United States


My reflection showing hate

Destructive thoughts would not shake

I needed them to validate

“What a pretty smile”

Didn't they know it’s fake?


If I only knew

That I needed to love one

Before I could be apart of two


How did I not know?

Love is not isolating

Love does not own

Love is not suffocating

Love starts at home


Then, I received

What I believed.

I deserved, nothing.

It was easy to be deceived,

When I looked right in front of me.

I was so lucky

to give my everything.

I should’ve been able to see

That I was far from reprieve.

Yet, I craved

To detach from my misery.

You know the words that will let you achieve  

And so I let go of reality.


Because you love me.


A straw that broke the camel's back

There was a shift

No more energy to self-attack.

Thoughts began to drift

Started dreaming of a love that does not lack.


Now, I receive

What I believe

I deserve

My prayers have been heard


I am in a relationship with respect

Where trust does not have to be checked

Where compromise can be met  


I am no longer in fear of individuality

Once again, honesty comes naturally

“Because I love you”

is no longer a trigger for me


“Because I love you”

is now a proclamation

Not a form of manipulation


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