The Process of Teaching


Hey High School Teachers, listen up.

You do realize that I am just as stressed as you, correct? 

I mean I go to work everyday and then have to go home and throw myself into homework. 

Yes I get it. You pretty much have to do the same on a day to day basis. 

No I don't feel bad for you. You don't feel bad for me. 

You're the one that gives us homework. 

Then you complain about having to grade the papers. 

Hypocrite. Thats the word I have for you. 


Hey College Professor, listen up. 

You do realize that I am here in college to be taught the things to pursue my dreams. 

I mean I worked everyday in high school to get where I am in your class. 

Yes, I get it. You want to be able to teach us and that is exactly what you are doing for us. Teaching. 

No I don't feel bad for you. I mean almost all of us are willing to learn from your lessons. 

You're the one that has to prepare these lessons. 

Then you are happily grading it because you are proud to have college students pursuing their dreams. 


Hey Government, listen up. 

You do realize that you guys said that I had to go to school to get where I wanted to be, right? 

I mean I work a dead end job, after four years of college, just so I can pay my bills. 

Yes. I get it. I really do. But you are always saying "More jobs will open up." But where are those jobs? 

No I don't feel bad for you. I mean you guys have the worse job, next to mine. 

You are the ones that told me to learn from my lessons.

Then you are happily seated at your office desk, proud to not be flipping burgers. 


Hey Son and Daughter, listen up. 

You do realize I love you guys so much. And that I went to school to teach you right from wrong. 

I mean I work a fantasitc job now, it took a while, a long time really, but now you guys are set.

Yes I get it. "Mom! I hate school!" I did too. I did for a very long time. 

But I will not feel bad for you. I mean I have the best things in the world. A Job and a great family. 

One day you will happily be singing, flying in space, or even sitting in an office job. 

But I refuse to let you flip burgers to make money. . .  I promise that will never happen. 


Hey High School Teachers, listen up. 

You do understand that I am sorry, right? I shouldnt have said nor done the things that I did. 

I should have said sorry a long time ago, but I will go ahead and say my aplogy now. 

I mean now I go to work every day to do something I love. This is all thanks to you. 

Yes. I get it. You always told me I was going to go somewhere, as long as I used my mind. I didn't believe you. 

No I don't feel bad for you and nor do I want you to feel bad for me. I want to thank you acutally. 

For what? For everything you have done for me. Without you my dear teachers. I wouldn't know where to go to in my schooling career. 

So my new words for you are simple, but meaningful. 

Heroes and heroines. Those are my new words for you. 



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