Prisoner of the Body and Mind


I’m crying.

Right now I’m crying.

The salty sorrows slowly sinking

Caused because of too much thinking

Ten-fold more as I start blinking

Crying sadly so.


I’m screaming.

Everyday I’m screaming.

The pounding thoughts against my head

Smiles turn to gapes instead

Despair takes the proud place of dread

Screaming for his show.


I did it in no dead of night.

I did it with no need or fright.

I did it ‘cuz he held the light,

Because he told me so.


I cry because my choices are

Now his as I’m behind the bars.

As he holds me on puppet’s strings.

There’s no chance now I’ve knelt too far.


For, he controlled me out of greed

In his endeavors I’d succeed.

I was too meek to not comply,

And now it’s done his evil deed.


I left the body in a ditch

He told me to ‘cuz I’m his bitch,

But I go to a better place

As my pale face

Does meet

His switch.


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