"Princes.""Princes."The word cuts through my skin."Baby girl.""Baby girl.""You'll always be our baby girl"The words hurt and fester inside.The pain I feel when you tell me that I will look like a boy,Because the feeling inside of me because of my urge to scream that that was the point.But i stay quiet.I cried that night;Did you know that?I will never tell you this until I don't have to see your eyes as your baby girl leaves.But she never existed, she was but a figment built on ignorance and lies.No matter if you except me or not because I will understand that your sad;Because you raised a girl for sixteen years by now.If you never want to see me again I will understand, I will leave because I love you too much to see your sadness and disappoint mint from loosing the one thing you've always wanted.You thought you had a baby girl but I'M A BOY NOT A GIRL!!!!But I still love you and I don't think that will ever change.

This poem is about: 
My family


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