Preventing the Preventable


Preventing the Preventable

Written By: Daniel Halloran



What would you change?

Would you change self-harm?

Eating disorders?

Suicidal thoughts?

Or all three?


What would you change?

Would you assist others in need?

Attempt to prevent suicide?

Dedicate yourself to saving lives?

Or stand by and watch something preventable occur?


What would you change?

I would prevent Self-harm.

I would prevent eating disorders.

I would prevent suicidal thoughts.

I would end negative thinking.


What would you change?

I will assist others in need.

I will attempt to prevent suicide.

I will dedicate myself to saving lives.

I will make a difference.


Making a suicide prevention account,

Helping others in need,

Preventing preventable circumstances,

Creating peace,

That is what I have done.


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