The Pretend Game

Tue, 08/19/2014 - 23:18 -- funmi

She wakes up but refuses to get out of bed; she’s too scared to allow more thoughts in her head

Standing before her mirror she begins her daily ritual, who will she be today?

She can be anybody she pleases except herself, anybody but herself

She laughs when her friends laugh and is known to be the “crazy clown, party of the town”

She smiles on the outside but cries on the inside

She is always crying – loud and heartbreaking screams for help - but nobody ever hears her

She drowns out the sounds of her tears with laughter

She is scared they’ll find out

She can’t be sad, no, she must be happy. Her path is laid out before her and she must love it

She would love to become somebody else, anyone at all, anyone but herself, anybody but me


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