The Power of Change

I sit at home, reading about the calamities of the world

And think to myself, "Couldn't these be handled better?"

More often than not, the powers that be twist their authority

To benefit themselves, not those they were designed to protect


Politics, Law, Justice

This is where my mark will be made

Every person has the obligation

To change the world

Whether this change be big or small

Doesn't matter much at all

But for me, my future stands close


I don't simply want to make a difference politically

need to

To me, there's no need for partisan oppression

Or for institutionalized, politicized hatred

To me, it only matters that the bill represents the ideals of the American people

And harkens back to the reality of why America was founded:

To provide for Liberty and Justice for All


Whether I remain in Congress, or prop my feet up on the desk in the Oval Office

Change is at hand

Our system desires, needs, begs for change

Let me, along with my compatriots, bring that


To achieve such change, education is key

Not just for me, no

But for every American citizen

It starts with mine, but ends not there

For nothing can be accomplished, no society can move forward

Without true education



"Be the change you want to see in the world" they say

I will


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