When I hold it in my hand,

I feel much power

I feel like I haven't been crying for the past half hour

When I lay the cool metal upon my wrist

I feel my worries cease to exist

Sometimes, I let it sit there a while

While I reminisce

About the events prior to me cutting my wrists

Why do you do it, is the first thing they ask

It forces me to dig deeper into my past

I don't know really, why I do what I do

Once upon a time, I was just like you

I thought cutting was stupid and that there were other things you could do

When I finally slid the blade across my wrist

I thought to myself, what the hell am I doing

But i kept continuing, until I saw blood ooze

I imagined bleeding purples, blacks, and blues

When I put it down,

I felt so weak

I closed my eyes and was engulfed in sleep


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