the pen is mightier than the sword,

so what's the word?

trying to get your voice heard

but come on homie, you scurred?

everybody likes that guy Wayne,

or whatever, they all sound the same,

so why not pick up that pen there,

and let these people know your name?

you got the, knowledge for power,

and the power of knowledge,

you're a prophet,

you got that sixth sense,

but it's time to let everybody know about it,

you got a message you need to spread,

and it's going to go over some heads,

but instead of worrying about them,

keep feeding the people who get it,

isn't that all that matters anyway?

you do it for the passion,

and of course it's nice to get paid,

but that's not what you want,

you want to enlighten the masses,

destroy social classes,

bring everybody together despite differences,

and you can do it too,

right now you might not feel it,

but trust me,

you're going to take over this world and rule it,

just keep your head up high,

adapt to every new situation,

never stay content and face it,

you were born to bring out everybody's greatness.





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