His side, her side


Is this right?


My side, your side


Fight to fight?




Left side, right side


Stand for one, then stand for all


Red tide blue tide


Could this really ease the fall?






He said, she said


Damn the other!


You’re up, he’s dead


Condemn your brother




They agree, we agree


That’s enough


I see if you can’t see


We called his bluff




Hoist him up, no throw him out


In 4 years, sure you’ll see


Straight down is the safest route


Consistency’s the key




L or C?


Is there a line?


Or R or D?


You’ll pay the fine




For months, for years


Resigned or fired


Just merge your fears


Elected, hired




There’s morals, there’s rights


No time for fair


Come join the fights


There’s room? But where…?



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