Poetry: My Sanity

Thu, 08/08/2013 - 14:24 -- JadaKai

When so many things 

are going through my head

I use Poetry to get them out

or it'll come out in the wrong way


The only acting I'm good at

is when I write

I can play a killer, an outcast,

a horse, and even a bird


All I do is analyze and

overanalyze when I write

because when I'm speaking,

it's usually about something I underanalyzed


When I write,

I can't help but carefully 

plan out my words unlike

when I have to speak


I'm unafraid when I write

and I'm able to easily express

my feelings and feelings

that I've created


I'm always thinking about 

characters for stories

and writing poetry helps

me develop those characters


Poetry is what helps me

write stories and

understand different types

of people


Without poetry I wouldn't

be able to write stories

or separate the unstable

 characters from myself


It's what I need to express

my psychoanalyzing mind 

without going crazy

because of it


Poetry is what I love,

what I need,

what I use to speak,

and what keeps me sane


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