Poetry To Me

Poetry has no rules

it’s just me

speaking my truth

sharing my inner desires

while trying to make sense of it all

Its like a beautiful chaos

or an abstract painting

its like a abstract thought

that the earth is a triangle

… ha

just like that

reflecting what i feel inside to you

Poetry lets me say what i don’t say out loud

poetry allows me to stay anonymous amongst the crowd

i don’t matter

the words do

Poetry is me

poetry is you

i share more things in this poetic sphere

because my friends and family will never understand

I’m like a helping hand that’s willing to help

but who helps the helping hand when it needs help

this is why i just keep to myself

words are my best friends nobody else

I told nobody i knew that i wrote poems

because if they knew

then they’ll assume they know me well

but don’t get it confused

it goes deeper than all these words that i use

to show and tell


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