poetry isn't-

Sat, 07/05/2014 - 16:02 -- m.sahs


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United States
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my pencil kissed my paper

in quiet determination, as my teacher spoke out-


"what is poetry?"

A mind like mine mulls over

things like this;

breathing them in only to

spit them out.

what is poetry?


& i could only think that:


poetry isn't

my dead mother's hand crushed under the weight of


it isn't

her saltwater eyes that i see in the


it isn't the life she could have led without

cigarettes or

drugs or cancer.


poetry isn't

my best friend's bones--

pale white and aching,

creaking under her skin as she

denies herself one more meal,


"maybe this is


maybe i want to



poetry isn't

the razors i've let in

(and thrown out)

(and brought back)

and bargained with-


"don't make me bleed.

i don't want to shatter."


but my ribcage can't handle the pressure.

my ventricles can't handle the chemistry.


poetry isn't

my brusied knuckles

and brusied thighs;

they are empty cliches but they hurt

all the same.


poetry isn't 

my father who hides pill bottles still;

whether they are hidden from

him or from me,

i am still not sure.


poetry isn't

the hollow weight of promise as you give


to someone who promised you the universe.

but the only stars i got were the ones in my eyes.


but poetry is

clenching your fists under a damp pillow and

praying to some god that there are people



whispering into the night,


let there be someone listening."


poetry is

letting your heartache rhyme,

or exist in

metaphors / 


it is mostly  letting your heartache bleed out

into the shape of a question mark.


it is your future.

it is your past.


poetry is the button i keep at the bottom of my


the one i found in the sea

when my head was underwater and i was

screaming for


it is small and it is


and it is



a poet.

i like the sound of that.


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