A Poem to the Living ; In Memory of P.R.


Life after death? Well; no.
More like death after life.
There is no shortage of strife.
It isn't exactly where I wanted to go.
I admit, I ended my life early
The gates, they weren't so pearly.
And what I have come to see
Is not what I expected it to be
Would I call it ugly?
Not quite.
Is it beautiful?
Like a stormy night.
It is calm before you see the truth
Bright lights and strong winds as you approach God's booth.
Then the tornadoes hit, the blistering rain
Experiencing once again all the same pain
  that you knew so well on Earth.
So why do I write?
My message is simple.
Don't choose to end your life tonight.
Not tomorrow, not ever.
The pain won't end
There is no guarantee.
It is how it is
That's how it's meant to be.


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