The waves of the icy shore reached for me,

Clenching their fists before my feet,

The tips of my toes cried in agony,

Begging for some warmth or heat.


I was relentless,

Baring what I could,

The whipping of the cold ocean breeze was contentless,

And there was the faint smell of burnt beach wood.


I was ready,

One...Two... Three!

There was a stinging of white noise beneath my belly,

A feeling that can only be described as free.


I felt it so cold,

I could swear I was burning,

I decided I would no longer withhold,

There was something inside me churning.


I dipped my head below the surface,

Letting the rest of my body fade to white noise,

My lips quivering without purpose,

Mortality was my apprise.

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