Abandoned Animals

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Aware the vacant look of sweet-heart eyes and adoring soul... Remember, past hurts to choose trust before you will forget me...   With the waves of the forgotten,
Dear outside world,   I watch from the inside as everything passes me by,  noises and people and my family,  I’m here, trapped behind bars, afraid and hungry,
They take so much and never give back I feel as though we are under attack My home my family now all gone I cannot even sing my pretty songs Running away from those who take
I can be calm or fierce, as soft as a feather or as sharp as thorns, midnight black or white as snow, weak as grass or strong as oak,
In my town Animals are left behind By visitors who "forgot" The giant dog from their back seat Or the cat that sits on their shoulders As if they were merely a toy Or a trinket Or a shirt
Mindful to a fuckin' flaw,
Pounds are for forgotten animals, whose lives have now gone from bright to gray
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