Please Know

Please know that you are loved
That you are beautiful, powerful, and meaningful
You are alive for a reason
And someone is watching out for you

I know it's hard to feel like anything is worthwhile
When you are so broken inside
But please…
Please know that I care
I care about whether or not you're here

I want you to smile - for real
I want you to laugh - just because
I want you to love and feel the love that is all around you
I want you to dance with reckless abandon
And maybe…just maybe
Know that you are an important part of this crazy and wonderful world
And you can make a difference
If you try

Please know that even though times are hard
And storms will come
I believe that there are breathtaking, beautiful times in store for you

I'm not saying that life is going to be easy
Please know
That your life is worth it.



I wrote this poem after one of my friends committed suicide. It hit the entire music department at my school really hard. This is my love letter to anyone who is struggling to find meaning in life right now. Please ask someone for help. You are not alone <3


hello, This poem is very strong and I would like to ask the permission to use it during a benefit performance for The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Credit will absolutely be given to you. It would be spoken aloud and moved by a dancer as well. Please let me know if this is ok.Thanks.


I would be so honored if you decide to perform this piece. You absolutely have my blessing.
I would love to see it; if you guys videotape the performance, be sure to post a link to it :]

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