Please Free Me


The best thing in life is to be free.

No I'm not talking bout' responsibilities.

I'm talking bout' free of one's own self and discovery.

I hide behind books

that allow me to run wild and free,

and imagine who I would want to be.

That's the beauty of imagination

it doesn't judge it lets me be.

I wish I do not let one thing define me.

But because of the battle within me,

between my realities and my dreams

it never seems cease.

I wish I could say I am many things,

but honestly I don't know anything.

I wish I could stay in the world that lets me choose

between personalities.

But unfortunately that cannot be.

So here I stay hiding behind the curtain that holds to ascent,

furthering my confinement.

But I believe,

one day I will scream and escape my adversities!

I will be loud,

I will be seen

I will be outgoing,

I will not fear,

I will not run,

I will not stand until something is done.

But most importantly,

I will be me,

And me is free.














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