Please Forgive Me

I don't want to hide.

I don't want to be the outcast.

I long to be "normal."

I long to be excepted.

I can not stand to hide for another day.

I can not stand to hide my love for her.

Its just so hard.

I'm longing for a day when this is what is acceptable to everyone and not just a selected few.

I'm tired of the stereotyping.

I'm tired of everyone playing the experimental game with me.

I long for love; true, real, ever-lasting love.

Mom I want you to meet the woman I love; please do not turn your back on your own daughter just because she is not like the rest.

I want you to be happy for me please I'm begging you.

I want you to meet her like you met my brothers wife.

Please stop the screaming.

Please forgive me.

Fine I will go back into the closet.

Fine I will live that "perfect normal" life you want me to.

Just please forgive me...


Latin Poet

Never apologize for being who you are. Some people will accept you and some won't. Who cares? It's your life, make a change...

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