Pills Two of Them

Pills two of them to be exact.

They’re the same, but together they’re a stronger dose.

Together they calm down a savage mind like mine.

Helping to realign the dominos of thought in my head.

They are medicines filters, they remind me how I should act.

By chemically altering my brain.

They whisper in my ear that without them.

I’m unproductive.

I’m intolerable.

I’m hyperactive.

I’m unmanageable.

I’m insane.

I’m immobile.

Yet no amount of medication could allow me to forget these things.

People wish to shame me for ingesting the filters.

They argue that life is better without these little capsules.

And I find offence with this,

For they mock the only life I have ever known.

They claim that they are filters;

But I proclaim that this is my reality.

And in order for me to live in their world, my mind must be enhanced.

With these chemical filters.

Just so I can live life

Like I have

No filter. 

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