Piece of You

Dear J, 


You've grown into a man that has been through the ages 

But the little piece of you reminds me of the guy I've known in high school

Makes me miss you deeply like a rain that doesn't stop crying 

Because my heart stops when I see you sitting down with food

"Want some?" Oh J, still the same guy I've known from youth 


Why does the time keep flashing around?

Oh J, the little piece of your smile reminds me of your sincerity

But all of your sense of humor sounds dry like you've run out of jokes

Makes me question the other side of you 

Not a person that I always have known, but a stranger to me now 


There is always a little piece of you that is still the same

Not the person you turn out to be right now

People always say, "We are going to change as time goes on for us"

Oh J, you're one of these people that occurs to be a stranger

But am truly glad to seeing you again








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