Sometimes I wish my you were a piano
So I could understand every chord and melody. 
Though you are a memory.
As my mahogany instrument.
I want to lose myself in the flow of your voice,
As beautiful and as gentle as my favorite piece.
A piece played in A Minor. 
Smooth and gentle like your tough.
I want to know your sounds,
And how you work,
And what makes you sing.
I wish you were a piano,
I would be with you for hours,
Fix the mistakes,
The off-key sounds,
The ripped sheet music. 
Painstaking practice 
Could lead me to that one lovely melody,
Each note falls into place.
I want to memorize 
Your majors and minors, 
Your flats and sharps. 
Every note. 
I want to remember.
I wish you were a piano.   


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