Phrases of Phases


United States
Through printed font on burnt crisp pages,
A preserved life held alive by phrases,
Represents the inspiration through interpretation.
And maybe forever on will glaze the scent
Of horror, madness, love, fear, discontent waves of
Irreconcilable sanity in-genuinely tapping
Thought. And all those vinyls that I've
Bought. With friendship hanging on delicate thread
Of courtesy and breezing chills of apathy
The enthralling chance of love love love
Obsessive and I cannot possess the accomplishment
Transferring all of my anger into transparency
I'm as thin as the sheets of fragmented frequency
Illuminating my body's electricity ever so
Slippery, the static attraction magnifies my
Strands of browned, wavy, unraveled curls
Framing eyes that haven't seen kindness
Remain reserved for her turbulent character
She doesn't want to hurt in fear she'll be abusive
However elusive her character costs
Can she give herself fully to a friend
Without fear or censorship?
Promotion of uncensored feelings yet
Unable to release the hounds of hell
I cherish through the writ.
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