The Phobia


Fear weighs down heavy on your back
The creaking of the door or the flickering of the lights
Your heart beats faster and your muscles tense up tight
Afraid to face the next attack
Courage is all you seem to lack
You can hear your own heart break
But the sound comes from a place you have not yet been
A place you fight your fears but they always win
You can hardly live your life when fear overtakes
And you begin to regret every decision you make
You're convinced of the inevitability
Of these monsters that follow you wherever you may go
To eat you up until there is nothing left of you to show
And it becomes harder to reach mobility
When you can barely grasp any stability
You sense the eyes of apparitions
Their pupils boring into your soul, but they stay in the dark
They're after your brain, because they've already got your heart
If it weren't for these complications
You might stop and live in admiration
You feel the pain that has not come
The invisible spiders that crawl up your skin
All the demons trying to tear their way in
You tell yourself what's done cannot be undone
But you stand in the shadows when you can see the sun
Your mind finds everything that could go wrong
And all these monsters you try so hard to avoid
Even though you feel yourself being paranoid
In the midst of searching for somewhere to belong
You've been doing it to yourself all along


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