Personal Emotions

The little people in my head never go away.

There’s anxiety, 

Finding the negative in the outside world.

Scared to go outside, 

In fear of what he might find.


There’s depression,

She has a love affair with paranoia

And is cheating on her spouse, self-hatred.

She gets sad, for no apparent reason.

No one can figure out her mysteries,

She is too strange to discover.


Paranoia is beautiful,

She is marred, 

She is insane from all of her scars.

She is tempting, seductive.

She can make the cruelest of torture

Seem more appealing, 

More attractive,

Than the sweetest candy.


Self-hatred can never get rid of her ex,

Guilt is her constant companion.

He can turn everything against himself. 

He can turn any trait into a flaw.

Love is too clingy,

Passion is emotional, 

Joy is fake.


Anger refuses.

They are uncontrolled,


They are nonconforming,


Refusing to be anything,

Yet not quite nothing.

Full of passion,

Fury is their calling.


Love is abused,

He has been kicked in the face,

And on his sides,

And… Everywhere.

He’s been crushed so many times,

It’s hard to stand up again and take it anymore.

But he lives for the hugs,

The contact.

Craves to be desired.

To be wanted,

He falls too much,

Falls for seemingly everyone,

But it’s always only one.

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