To the People Who Told Me I Couldn't

Fri, 10/20/2017 - 09:50 -- Poet95

Let us reflect upon the days when I was small and frail 

And when you wanted nothing more than to see me fail 

On the days when I came home all bright-eyed and cheery  

Only to end up on the couch all teary 

The days I needed help 

But instead you whipped me with the cruel words of your belt 

On the days I smiled and laughed 

Only for you to grab me by the hair and pull me back 

The days you beat me 

To the point I thought I would bleed 

Days when your anger and relentlessness 

Made me lose most of my happiness 


Let us reflect upon the days when I was not so small and frail 

And yet you still wanted to see me fail 

On the days when you tried with all your might 

To make me cry myself to sleep at night  

And you succeeded 

As if my silent sobbing was the only thing you ever needed 

Let us look back on the times you told me I was dumb 

Convinced me I was scum 

On the times you made me believe that I was worthless 

That I was useless 

The times when you cut me down 

And pushed me around 

Times I said I'd rather be dead 

And you told me "Go right on ahead"  


Reflecting, however, does not change the past 

Every time you told me I couldn't, 

I took it in stride 

The more you wanted me to fail, 

The more I succeeded 

You gave me the coal  

And I lit the fire 

You have tried to smother my fiery passion 

But once again, 

The phoenix has risen from the ashes. 


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