People Who Are Associated With Me

people today think they know what respect truly is,

when they don't even respect the opinions of others.

people think they're always right, that they're the only true voice and the smartest voice there is.


people don't understand the fact there are others out there.

we live in a world where people consider opinions facts

because we don't truly know what a fact is.

we research one source and believe it.


we're the generation susceptible to lies and destruction,

because we're naive and we don't seem to grow out of it.


the idea of people is nice,

the idea of people decades ago was better and soothing to my spirit.


but I know who I live with, and know it can only get worse from here on out.

because my generation is going to raise a more pathetic generation than we are today

and were in an unescapable pathway spiraling downward because nobody cares about anyone.


nobody likes anyone.

we all claim to hate life and the people around us

but cannot stand to be alone for two minutes.

we live in a world full of our generation wanna be's and cry outs.

nobody with the do it yourself mentality of the 90's we were born into.

nobody likes you.

stop creating a pathetic excuse of who you think you are

and dig deeper to realize you belong to this stereotype.


good riddance you won't read this because it's too long and you don't want to apply yourself.

good luck "trying to find yourself",

you're buried under the years of lies you were conceived on. 

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