Golden hair on brown skin--unPalatable.

Unfilled eyebrows, sparse as this country's humanity--indolEnt

Fierce disease causes cruel brusing on body--compLains she has bed bugs.

Minamilistic side of the dorm to keep strange thoughts at bay, Lame.

Blonde-haired, dark girl lays on back in this bed. Stares at ceiling, begging--Understand

Thoughts pass in and out of her mind as if her very forehead is PELLUCID,

as if she is what she seems, as if there Can't be more to her than theIr own

thoughts, personal twists, Deranged perceptions, prejudice, anger.

Doesn't deny their claims. Accepts them, but doesn't embrace. Pellucid.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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