I did not ask you too,

But you did anyways.

You plucked innocence from me

Like a child picks a soft peach

From a low hanging branch.


You sucked my sweet nectar.

You sucked the sweetness out of me

With greedy lips,

And a dangerous smile.


I was left empty.

But you did not leave,

I wish you would,

But you don’t

Pushing advances

And warding others from my fruit

As if you had already taken a bite of each one.

Maybe you have.


But I will grow new fruit,

Better than that which was stolen.

They will be plumper

And more colorful

And riper than those you took.

They will never be as sweet though.

They will always be a bit bitter.

Not because of you,

But because that’s how I want to be.

I want to remember

I will remember

Everything you did to me.

I’ll use that as my fuel

And twist it into me

Like roots


It is a part of who

I Am.

A part that makes

Me strong,

But it’s an action

You took

That only makes you weak.


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