Tue, 02/21/2017 - 21:17 -- SoulFox

Broad stripes, what our soldiers bleed.

Bright stars, what our children see.


The youth watch fiction and fantasy,

Glorified images of war on tv.

Our soldiers fight and die,

Jumping on grenades to save their brothers nearby.

They need remembrance, sung as heroes;

Not drowned out of the news by stars making zeros.

Priorities have shifted too far,

Soldiers, defending our lives daily, on a sidebar.

We hailed our flag so proudly;

It was an action of unity.


Broad stripes, let our people see.

Bright stars, that war is ugly.


Boom! Another man dead,

More grief to hide, unsaid.

Veterans need to be respected,

give merit to those who leave us protected.

My connection to the anthem is deep;

A tale of honor and values to upkeep.

My brother will be one of those soldiers,

A PJ, rescuing troops for them to grow older.

It won’t be long before he goes,

Before my brother joins those heroes.


Broad stripes, achieved what he wants to be,

Bright stars, he’s always a hero to me.


How can we not let our people perceive

What armed forces do for us and remain naïve?

Who cares about gossip and sex and politics

When warriors of the USA are fighting in the sticks?

Go ahead; turn on the news or E!

That’s all the media cares about: popularity.

We’ve fought and bled for this land;

All generations need to continue that, hand-in-hand.

Live by the hard-won anthem.

Inspire patriotism.


Broad stripes, proudly serve our USA, so lovely.

Bright stars, inspire love for country.

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My country


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