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America the land I love America the free Its beauty and its majesty just seem to capture me I love everything about it All of its fifty states America my home and pride is all so great
Oh Great America   Restoration is the key to the future; Not revolution. We are a country formed through rebellion. Enough is enough. Fix the problems you hold within.
At the arena Section 105 A girl stands in the staircase, microphone in hand We were told that we would celebrate our great nation we were never told, however, to stand and take the hats off our heads.
    Red is for the blood Red for all those who’ve bled for freedom White is for nothing Nothing that anybody has done to ensure the freedom of all
Broad stripes, what our soldiers bleed. Bright stars, what our children see.   The youth watch fiction and fantasy,
I will forever be a patriot of my country I will forever do my best to protect I will forever stand up for the pledge of allegiance If I physically can
  In this world, I am only a passerby You’d wave, tempting, with gracious hand And Selene’s autumn light this Saturday Was likewise, lovingly grand.  
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