A Path Too Far


The chairs are filled

Row by row

In perfect allignment

To watch the ones down the aisle

Look up to the sky

The clouds rippled thick

The crows cry

The wind is nothing more but the wind

Sounds arise and heads are turned

sounds of sweet hallelujah but no one is rejoicing

heads bowed, and silent prayers are said

The soft tissue is their only comfort

and the chairs are their only security

soft sounds are mumbled, screamed 

and echoed as they come down the aisle.

One man, two man, threee man, four

Strong enough to whisk away, one man more.

Moms shouting and wie begging

hildren wondering and everyone else


March to the beat of the sweet somber song

Right foot, left foot, a path too far

Petals on the ground to welcome the 5 men

Not red, not yelow or any color inbetween

Just soft white petals, with much more of  meaning.

Right foot, left foot, the path is almost gone

"Take your time!" A shout is lifted 

Heads turn but keep silent as they listen.

"That's my boy; he's my only son. I didnt have him for very long so please, dont rush."

She bows her head and sits back down

That chair is her security, nothing else seems as strong.

The 5 men get to the end an all but 1 walks away. 

"Lets remember this fine young man.

Lets just all bow our heads and pray." 

Then slowly the axle rotates and the casket is dropped down.

Today a man is buried, when he was only looking to be found.




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