The Passionate Boyfriend (soon to be fiancé) to His Love (Parody of The Passionate Shepherd to His Love)

Come live with me and be my wife

And pleasures we will share for life.

So here I am down on one knee

To show how much you mean to me.


Your father said that I could ask,

And planning this was quite the task,

So please say yes and take this ring,

For if you do my heart will sing.


I glanced at you on that first day

And knew at once I’d like to stay

Right by your side through thick and thin,

Through every tear and every grin.


A lovely church, a dress of white,

We’ll share our vows that perfect night.

Our friends and family all will see

My love for you and yours for me.


A picket fence and garden gnome,

I’ll rub your feet when you come home.

Some rowdy kids we’ll call our own,

An empty nest when they are grown.


For best, for worst, for rich, for poor,

Till death do part, forever more.

I’ll love you well all of my life,

So live with me and be my wife.

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