Passage to Happiness

A heart,

Broken by all the lies; all the black thoughts that lie in the mind.

The mind,

That composes images and plays scenarios of unwanted memories.


Are those that empower happiness and sadness to become one.


Life that is filled with so many confused and mixed emotions.


Express the way you feel without verbally expressing your feelings.


Of love, hate, loneliness, emptiness, freedom, encouragement, passion!


To strive towards anything and everything that’s reachable; an accomplishment.

An accomplishment,

Is that which you achieve when you don’t let anything else stand in your way.

Your way,

Is the only approach that should matter because it gives you the power and the confidence.

The confidence,

you need to succeed in furthering your education; love; finding a career; life.


Gives you many obstacles that you WILL overcome to reach that stepping stone.

The stepping stone,

That will give you all the balance that is necessary to obtain happiness.


Revives a heart that has been through so much and gets you exactly where you need to be.

-Reyna T.

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